like the flowers, principle of ying and yang.

a powerful therapy to open and encourage flow

of vital energy. stimulates the meridians of the

body providing a feeling of awareness and strength.

50 minutes $145




like the waves, essence of the ocean. a nurturing

therapy to reflect the energetic spirit and warmth

of the culture. the hands of the therapist dance

like waves with a fluid, restorative and relaxing caress.

80 minutes $215




like fire, knowledge of life. a tranquil therapy to

encourage harmony with our environment for a happy,

healthy and inspired life. ayurvedic philosophy using brisk,

energetic strokes.

50 minutes $145



chakra massage

a relaxing massage treatment for the body incorporating

gemstones for energy stimulation and overall wellbeing.

50 min. light pressure $130/80 min $190

50 min. deep pressure $140/80 min. $200



san jacinto

utilizes light, long kneading strokes to promote

relaxation, improve circulation and overall well-being.

50 minutes $125 • 80 minutes $185



san andreas

a firm massage to stretch and relax tense muscles

and relieve discomfort due to stress, injury or overuse.

50 minutes $135 • 80 minutes $195



hawaiian lomi lomi

a touch of the islands through movements designed

to release muscular tension and increase circulation.

50 minutes $140 • 80 minutes $205



tahquitz canyon

a massage shaped by the knowledge of each therapist

to create a personalized therapy unique to each individual.

50 minutes $140 • 80 minutes $200




a stress release for mind and body utilizing

pillows and body cushions. not recommended

during 1st trimester.

50 minutes $135




shell massage

ultra smooth shells that are naturally heated from

the inside creating a synergy of warmth and relaxation.

50 minutes $ 140



 back, neck & shoulders

specifically designed to relieve discomfort

from the areas that are most affected by stress

and tension.

25 minutes $85




applied pressure to the reflex points

on the feet and hands to restore energy

flow through the body.

25 minutes $85 • 50 minutes $140

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