MASSAGE THERAPIES - Embrace your harmony

*HONEY  MASSAGE - Signature Honey Treatment
This whole-body treatment provides deep relaxation with warmth and rhythmic massage techniques. A warm beeswax thermal mask is used
on the back to balance the vital energy of the body. The body’s back reflex zones are activated, which stimulate the activity of the organs.
It also enhances the body’s metabolic activity and immune system, helping to relieve tension and pain. 50 minutes $165

A specialty massage based on the ancient Indian belief in a series of seven chakras or energy centers throughout the body.
Gemstones are used to help energize and  balance all of the chakras resulting in a deeper sense of relaxation. 80 minutes $205

This unique massage technique is one of the oldest and most powerful forms of healing. Derived from the ancient Polynesians,
this experience is designed to relieve stress and muscular tension while increasing circulation. 80 minutes $205

A deeply relaxing massage using the natural benefits of warm shells from the tropics. The smooth shells are expertly glided over the body
with varying pressure to meet your particular needs, creating a synergy of warmth and relaxation. 50 minutes $150 • 80 minutes $205

Allow your worries to be melted away while your therapist anoints your body with warm candle oil. This massage helps release physical tension
and influences your mood in a positive way, creating a state of relaxation that is transmitted to the entire nervous system. 50 minutes $ 155

A relaxing therapy for moms-to-be. This customized service relieves muscle aches and joint pains and helps reduce swelling.
Note: Massage is not recommended during 1st trimester. 50 minutes $150

A massage shaped by the knowledge of each therapist to create a personalized therapy unique to each individual. 50 minutes $150 • 80 minutes $205

Swedish massage utilizing light, long kneading strokes to promote relaxation, improve circulation and overall well-being. 50 minutes $145 • 80 minutes $200

A firm therapeutic massage designed to stretch and relax tense muscles and relieve discomfort due to stress, injury, or overuse. 50 minutes $150 • 80 minutes $205

The hands and feet are mirror images of the body.  By stretching, moving and applying pressure to the feet, stress in other parts of the body are relieved.
Each session supports the entire body and provides soothing relief and energizing comfort for tired hands and feet. 25 minutes $90 • 50 minutes $150

Specifically designed to relieve discomfort from the areas that are most affected by stress and tension. 25 minutes $90 • 50 minutes $150

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